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Land purification
Land purification ceremonies have been held for thousands of years by Buddhists across the globe. It is believed that positive energy and good fortune is brought to all living beings residing within the area that is being purified. Traditionally, Buddhists will also purify the land before moving into a new area as a demonstration of friendship, respect, and goodwill to all creatures already dwelling there.

During purification ceremonies, the Great Compassion Mantra or Om Mani Padme Hum (Six Syllable Mantra) is typically chanted while blessed water is sprinkled across the land with a small branch of a willow tree.

What are mantras?
Mantras are sacred chants that carry great blessings. It is said that all who sing, chant, or hear these mantras will receive incredible benefits.

Buddhists believe that chanting Om Mani Padme Hum will help improve the quality of one’s life. Through chanting this mantra, good fortune, good health, a harmonious family, long-life, and much happiness will arise. Further, all who hear this mantra, or are touched by the same air of someone chanting this mantra, will receive the same benefits as well.

This past June, Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute invited neighbours, friends, as well as officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to attend one of their land purification ceremonies. Through purifying the land, the nuns expressed their well-wishes and made the wish to bring even greater peace, harmony, and fortune to all living creatures on this planet. The ceremony ended with a prayer to all who suffered a loss in the recent Alberta fires, with the hope that all residents could be relieved from grief and strife and could quickly return to their homes, the injured could quickly recover, and that every action would contribute to world peace.