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COVID-19: Letter to our friends & community

To our friends and community,

How are you? We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well. Please know you are in our prayers. These past few weeks have been a strong reminder that we are all connected, and that our care and concern for each other is most important now as ever.

Everyday, we are struck by news of the coronavirus. Thank you to our government, public health officials, healthcare workers, and so many more for your expertise and guidance during these tough times. We hope that with our combined efforts, we can protect the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in our communities.

The nuns have dedicated this time to pray for a healing world. It is also an opportunity for us to practice what we learn every day—to think more of others and put less focus on ourselves. At the end of the day, our greatest resource is our compassion.

We are especially touched by the empathy and support humankind has shown during this pandemic. The countless stories of how organizations and individuals have taken the extra step to lend a helping hand truly illuminate these words: “Within darkness, even a flicker of light shines brightly.”

We are grateful to everyone who has been working to bring balance back into our lives, and we strive to do the same for others as well. While we navigate unfamiliar changes together, we are a world united.

Every night, the nuns dedicate our prayers to those on our prayer list. If you would like us to pray for you, a loved one, or someone in need, please take a moment to fill out this form.

May we all help one another and live in harmony,
May humanity give kindness and protection to those in need.
May compassion embrace the world like a gentle breeze,
May peace and harmony bloom like a field of wildflowers,
May warmth cascade upon humankind like the long awaited spring.